Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Winter Geneva: Walls

Here are some shots of walls by the river on the day of the snow flurry.  One of them delighted me with its selection of good old bawdy phallic humor.  It struck me so much because it is exactly what I have seen in Pompeii!  Nothing about death or misery or hate.  Simply humor about natural law :^)

Winter Geneva

I was in Geneva/Aurora/Batavia during the week between Christmas/New Year.  Mostly work and it was cold but no snow.  Dale and I were driving along one day and suddenly there was a snow flurry that was really rather enchanting :^) So we got out of the car next to the Fox River and I took these shots, which I love

Kansas City

Recently, I was in Kansas City working on a project.  I didn't have much time but I managed to get a few shots.  The one of the airport I took from inside the waiting lounge which is the old fashioned kind with comfortable chairs and floor-to-ceiling windows so that I could see a broad area of tarmac.  Taking it through thick glass gave the shot a really painterly quality, I think.  It was just a quick snap before boarding.  The abstract shots are of the ceiling in the private dining room of the Hollywood Casino next to the Nascar track.