Thursday, March 31, 2011

American Photographer Louis Faurer

His fashion work was very good, but his street photography is priceless.  he had a subtle eye and a delicacy of the moment.  His work with reflections is sometimes difficult to figure out just how he did it.

Femmes V, VI

Monday, March 28, 2011

Heaven I, II, III

Sergey Bratkov

Sergey Bratkov is a Ukrainian photographer.  The link above will give more info on him and his career.  His photographs are clear, spare portraits of people as physical and/or social grotesques.  Some of them are children, but there is no sense of innocence corrupted.  I think he believes we are born that way.  A really interesting cat

Yasamasa Morimura

Morimura is what is called an appropriation artist.  meaning that he appropriates famous works, or famous portraits of famous people and puts himself in as the main subject.  There is some controversy over this, but I love the cheekiness.  The man is clearly fearless and points out the "iconotropy" that develops for famous artworks: people no longer really see them.  And this is the healthiest and most entertaining form of narcissism ever.  In fact, it's quite selfless in a way ;~)

John Keats

This is a love letter written by John Keats to his fiancée Fanny Brawne.  Can you imagine receiving a love letter from one of the three greatest of the English Romantic poets?  He was not wealthy nor glamorous, like some of the others, so this seems very touching to me.