Thursday, April 14, 2011

Charles Brittin

There is a show of Charles Brittin at the Michael Kohn Gallery on Beverly Blvd, LA

Brittin took many, many photos in Los Angeles during the 50s and the 60s, when there was much change going on in the city.  His period was the time of the Ferus gallery starting up; the Watts Riots; the tearing down of many old neighborhoods: changes artistic, physical and political.  His style was very matter of fact, but imbued with a real sweetness and respect for his subjects.  He chronicled the emerging beat art scene and the transformations of neighborhoods like Venice Beach.

He is not well known, which is sad.  Los Angeles, land of photography and cinematography, remains strangely undocumented compared to other cities that did not make their living, so to speak, from the lens.  Hopefully, his recent death will make people pay attention to his work and the work of other photographers who caught so much of the daily history of this very strange town.

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