Monday, April 18, 2011

Mike's Place

This is the bar my sister-in-law Dian manages in Aurora Township, Illinois.  It's small place that is a real home to the people who come by.  They serve great food: meat fresh from the slaughterhouse, fish caught in the river and the best Italian Beef sandwiches in the Fox River valley.  I was there two Christmases ago and it was a really sweet place to me.   I've never known that small town hangout environment and I could easily see the claustrophobic element to it, but also the absolute security and the need for a clan.  Anyway, it's a lovely clubhouse in the winter with the lights bouncing of the snow.  You could get into an argument inside with someone over something stupid, then go outside for a smoke and see the pretty lights and get sentimental all over again.


  1. Oh I love that about winter it makes us get along.

  2. I guess we kind of have to. Very different for me